pingyao county shengda foundry

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          2. SERVICE HOTLINE:13453282525
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            Shanxi Shengda Foundry is located in the Northern Sanlang Village, Pingyao County, 7 kilometers west from Pingyao ancient city, one of the world cultural heritage sites. It's on the north of the Fenhe River Bridge which is a part of Fenyang-Tunliu Provincial Road, adjacent to the 108 National Road, Southern Tongpu Railway, and Dayun Highway, all of which provides with extremely convenient transportation and information. Shengda Foundry was built in 1998, and exptended in 2006. Now it covers an area of about 20,000 sqm....

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            Have an experienced technology And service teams
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            Have an experienced technology And service teams

            What's the difference between casting mould a... 2019-02-15

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            Have an experienced technology And service teams
            Shengda foundry

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            Mobile phone: 13453282525
            Address: north sanlang village, zhongdu township, pingyao county, jinzhong city, Shanxi Province
            Record no. : ICP 17002322


            Shanxi pingyao county shengda foundry is located in the north sanlang village, 7 kilometers west of pingyao ancient city, a world cultural heritage site. Fenhe bridge on yifentun highway in the north...

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